Ibiza Family Portraits by Andrea Kellan

Tatiana, Daniel, Teo and little Teran invited me to join them in their family home in Ibiza to capture their beautiful family moments. Teo and Teran are two-year-old twin boys and moved with their parents to Ibiza to enjoy an outdoors childhood and lifestyle. They have a house on rustic farmland where this wonderful family grow their own fruit and vegetables from their garden. I so enjoy shooting children as they cannot hide their feelings, have not learnt to pose or filter their true selves which make for wonderful authentic portraits.

Birth & Newborn Portraits: Raphaella and Rocky by Andrea Kellan

I had the privilege of being with beautiful new mother Raphaella on the day she gave birth to her first child, son Rocky who was delivered by c-section on Wednesday the 5th of June. It was a truly moving experience and even though I had only met parents Jed and Raphaella the day before I was overwhelmed by emotion; seeing her calmness throughout his delivery and Jed and her joy at seeing their first born, and to be invited to observe the true wonder of women, and the power of the female body and the miracle of life.